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The Club
The “furthermost” is a mood of the soul. It is an inner bent that lead you to get over boundaries and personal limits. It is an emotion that urge you to the action in search of new lands, ancient traditions, other cultures. To find deep inside the echo of the hidden meaning of adventure and life.
ArctiCircle was born amongst the ice of the Arctic. A rally in Alaska, two friends bewitched by the world of the Arctic Circle and an idea. A website entirely dedicated to countries ideally linked by the geographical coordinate of the Arctic Circle. An underlying theme that links and gathers geographical, environmental, historical and cultural conditions that are diverse in many cases and appear the same in other.
The vibrant heart of ArctiCircle is the Club. A circle for the “Circle", a meeting point for people who, in different ways, have gone through the same experiences, heading North, to the last Thule, following the Northern Star. It represents a means to spread, gather, help, contact, listen and share the interests of people who do not wish to walk only on clearly marked paths, and who bear inside their hearts the memory and the promise of an adventure to the roof of the world.
We are waiting for you, to share our project and our dream.

What about the Club
As well as meeting someone is an important moment in the remote and immense lands of the North, friendship, hospitality and sharing are considered fundamental principles for Arctic people. ArctiCircle Club is inspired by these values.

Joining the Club you will have the opportunity to actively participate the section “Travel Memories”, an area entirely dedicated to Arctic regions travels and to the debates generated by every single experience.
If you have visited a country of the Arctic Circle area (Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Arctic Norway, Arctic Sweden, Arctic Finland and Arctic Russia) you could send your travel memories, your best pictures and, if you wish, your biography that will appear clicking on your name as Travel Memory’s author.
You could interact with every member of the Community that will send a post or ask a question on your experience, sharing interests and opinions and spreading the subtle and fascinating themes related to the extreme and remote lands of the northern hemisphere.

Your travel experiences will appear also in your personal area “My Travel Memories” where you will find your Travels Memories list. Here you will have the opportunity to enter your Memory to modify or correct the copy, monitoring the edit status and the debate that every single Memory has generated.
If you have not yet organized a travel in the Far North’s regions you could actively take part to the Club asking questions to the Travel Memories authors, sharing your opinions and comments.

The possibility to send Travel Memories and posts on Travel Memories will be accessible to the Community members only but the travel experiences collection and the related debate will be suitable for everyone would visit ArctiCircle Club.
Friendship, hospitality and sharing: ArctiCircle Club is an open system to promote and spread the knowledge of the remote and boundless lands of the Arctic.
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